Type of product: ISO LNGTainer, LNG fuel tank
Size: 40 ft ISO container
Fluids: LNG
Gross volume: 50m³ (100%)
47,5m³ (95%)
Max gross weight: 30,480 kg
Tare weight: 9048 kg
Max payload: 21,052 kg
Design codes: ASME Section VIII Division 1
Approvals: ASME, CSC, IMDG2012, ADR/RID 2013, CSC(1972, 1996,
A2012) ISO1496-3(1995, A2006) & LRCCS 2014 1.3
Hold times: PER IMDG / 49 CFR 178.277,5 to 84.12 psi (0.34 5.8 BAR)
@ 40deg C: Natural gas, refrigerated liquid - UN1972;
36,359 lbs (16,492 kg) 68 days
Material Stainless Steel
Working pressure: 5 bar
Design temperature: -196°C to 50°C
Insulation: Honeycomb/perlite in vacuum
Frame Material: Carbon steel
Dim. (LxWxH): 12,192 x 2,500 x 2,896 [m]
Stacking load: 5x TC on top
Piping material: Stainless steel
Valve types: Globe type operation valves
Type of connect: Fill/Drain DN65
Trycoock DN40
High Pressure Isolation Valve ¼"
Low Pressure Isolation Valve ¼"