About us:
Shipping industry
experience and know-how

After years of secret development and testing, Sommardal's quest for a low-cost solution that allows the shipping and transport of LNG at a considerably lower cost than ever before became a reality.

To prove suitability and develop the construction, insulation and concept tests were first carried out using small scale prototype models. After some years of vigorous testing, experiments could finally be carried out on full-scale prototypes in 2011. Further testing and refinement took place in 2012-2013 in order to make LNGTainer’s Liquefied Natural Gas containers suitable for large scale serial production.

The huge potential of the LNGTainer System and the almost unlimited growth potential of the worldwide LNG market makes LNGTainer Ltd one of the most interesting energy solution companies from an investment perspective. LNG is the most likely energy source to replace the heavy fuel oil, diesel oil and petrol in combustion engines used by vessels and vehicles globally. LNG will probably replace coal in power stations, too.

LNGTainer Ltd was founded 2011 by the Finnish engineer and inventor Tom Sommardal.
Mr Sommardal has extensive experience with various positions within the shipping and maritime industry. At the early age of 19, he was already working as deck officer on 100,000 ton oil tankers. After leaving the sea, he worked for several years as a maritime safety inspector for the Finnish Maritime Administration. He has worked for International classification societies, taking care of technical inspections as well as safety and quality assessments. Later he worked for a major logistics company's ship-management department, where he was responsible for their fleet management. He left to start his own ship-management company, where this product was developed.

Our Vision Statement:

LNGTainer strives to be the best provider of economical and environmentally friendly transportation solutions of LNG to its customers.

Our Values:
  • We contribute positively in to our communities we operate, for cleaner and greener environment
  • We respect our LNGTainers colleagues and customers and treat them as we want to be treated
  • We value skills of the individuals and have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions
  • We strive to create the conditions for success, with a strong foundation of trust
  • We embrace diversity as essential component in the way we do business
  • We operate ethically so that our operation is transparent fair and honest
  • We deliver what we promise to our customers

Our Mission Statement:

LNGTainer is a multi-discipline engineering and sales company working on LNG projects for the oil and gas industry. The company provides cutting edge technology in transporting LNG in most economical and environment friendly way, which requires a high level of engineering expertise and careful manufacturing and installation to provide a sound, safe product.
LNGTainer is keenly aware of the need to ensure a high-quality assurance and quality control through all phases of a project, and to ensure that subcontractors and suppliers maintain similar high standards. The LNGTainer organization, its operating methods and procedures, have all been designed to ensure that work produced by LNGTainer is to a high professional level, meets the requirements of the International Standard for Quality Assurance and maintains good engineering practice.